sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2016

Misha and Maggie

Last week arrived a new Blythe cutie, Varsity Dean, that was released in October 21, 2016. I had to wait for a moment to buy her, but from first sight I was quite sure I´d have to get this one, as she was really cute and I liked her stock outfit too. Very versatile and nice! Even still you first see the hat and letterman jacket, I actually liked specially her hoodie dress, striped stockings and cute shoes. Also the haircolour and light brown special eyes looked really nice.

Late night in November, well, not the best time to take pics, but here she is after box opening! Such a cutie. She named herself Maggie from quite first sight, and that is a nice name for her.

 When I saw her up close, I realized why I had liked her so much. She is almost identical with one of my favourite Blythes, Misha Tebya Lyublyu. They look just like sisters! I thought they even had same special eyechips, but closer look in daylight shows both still have a colour of their own, but it is very close. 

Aren´t they cute together! :) And the names rhyme together well, too. Misha and Maggie.

Sorry for such a long delay with posting. It´s been busy time here!

torstai 25. elokuuta 2016

Gorgeous Minigenue by Twigling arrived!

23.8.2016 arrived a special doll! MSD sized Ingenue artist doll by Twigling / Artifex Kindred. I have been admiring her big dolls (almost 70cm tall!) for ages, but they are for sure way too big for me. So I have been begging for smaller doll along with many others, I´m sure, and now the dream finally came true! :) This doll is like a mini copy of big Ingenue, but in 45cm. Perfect! She is one of the first bunch of this, should I say, prototype pre-order. I chose the peach normal skin colour, even still there were chance for several amazingly pretty colours, but I wanted something fair and freckled for this girl. The first batch of dolls came with surprise gift; a lovely dreamy faceplate!

I was surprised that the package was so small. But she was packed in sitting position, I found out soon. She was safely packed, but I must say I didn´t like the packing material. It looks pretty and works well, but even still I was very careful unpacking her, it was spread everywhere and I needed to vacuum the rug afterwards.  

I really loved the artwork by Korone / Winterdeer in her CoA! Beautiful and unique. And I´m proud for seeing fellow Finn´s work in this kind of project.

Unwrapped the mummy carefully, and found out was a beautiful lady with all the details that makes the big Ingenues so special, even the toe joint! So cool. In a way this doll is a dolly dream come true, as I wasn´t sure she would ever become available in smaller version. Thanks a lot for doing this, Reese! <3 I really like her realistic looking body and the head size.

                                            The extra dreaming faceplate up close. Lovely!

I was a bit busy on this week, and it´s been rainy, so I haven´t had much chances to take closer photos or making her face-up. But I can already tell she is gorgeous, poses well and everything seems to work perfectly!You´ll see more of her soon, I promise!

Summer meet-up at the lakeside 13.-14.8.2016 Day two!

Luckily the second day of meet-up was better! Morning started with so beautiful weather we couldn´t have wished for more. Misha went for a morning swim in the lake. Jude rather enjoyed the water without dipping in - but he wet his feet, after all. Couldn´t resist trying that lovely little boat!


                                                 Menni, my first doll is now almost seven years old and still such a cutie. <3 

Daryl was exploring suspicious looking places and met some zombie figures, though they weren´t pictured together after all.

                                                        There were so many wonderful places to take photos! 

Jude is my own custom boy, I bought a MIO Isul set, but didn´t like the shape of nose that much after all. So I practised carving on him. Also made him a bit more smiley than regular Isuls are. I like him now, even still he is far from perfect. He got a wig from the meet-up (good place to sell, buy and trade!) and it makes him look cute!

It was hard to find him a name, and for long time he was just Isul (even still I tried many names) but when I was listening Beatles when packing for meet-up, I thought, why not Jude. And I kind of like it for him now.


In Sunday I didn´t take many pics of others than my own dolls. But wasn´t this little acrobat a cutie!

                                     All the crew of mine in group pic. I took along five very different dolls! :)

Thank you for everyone attending and for giving us the cabin for a meet-up place! It was once again so lovely to spend time together, talk, eat and play with dolls. :)

Summer meet-up at the lakeside 13.-14.8.2016 Day one!

I had chance to take part in adult hobbyists overnight meet-up of the PullipSuomi -forum! Enjoyed a lot for nice company and seeing so many different dolls! 12 lovely ladies of us had great time in the cabin at lakeside near Pieksämäki and Varkaus. Unfortunately first day was really bad weather, but luckily it got better by the morning, and we got also outside photos, after all! Tons of photos following! :)

Here are all the dolls attending the meet-up! Such a huge amount of all kinds of wonderful dolls. I really enjoy that people nowadays seem to enjoy the different things instead of liking just one type of doll. Such a richness it gives to the hobby, as we saw this time, too. And how the dolls had fun interaction between all the lines!

A character of his own was Fabio, less than 10€ finding from the gas station one of us had taken along. That lame but self-confident ladies´ man had such a "charm" and so impressively moving hips that he outdoes easily any Ken doll! And he made us laugh a lot during the rainy night in cabin! :D

                         It was a shame, that in such day there were heavy rain and wind! No chance for outdoor photos. 

                                                     But everyone were having fun anyways!

                                     All the Azones, Mama-Chapps and my Ruruko in group pic!

                                                 Perfection comes in small package! <3 <3 <3 Tan little Latis are precious.

                                                                            Menni with a group of friends!

 Amazingly, there really is the right person to use any odd piece of clothing. This hat has never looked as good on any doll, even on the Blythe it used to belong! And so cute on her!

                                                 Ruruko found a cute friend! I really liked the expression of this Azone girl.

                                               Jude is happy next to such a pretty girl! (Who seems not to notice him at all, poor boy!)

More photos of the next day in another posting, as it was impossible to cope with all the photos in the same post. I don´t know if I´m just so badly unskilled using this blog, but everything looks different published than when I´m getting it ready - change places and rows and blah... So I always need to edit it so many times.

sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

Busy summertime

Haven´t have much time to spend with dolls in this summer, but haven´t forget them either. :) Here a little pic hopefully brightening the day when summer holiday is over.

                                                                  Through the looking glass

                                                       The little "Alice" is Rilla (Raillie by Kaye Wiggs)

keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2016

Enjoying summer day!

Not holiday yet, but luckily summer nights are long and sunny in Finland!

After workday I took some dolls along and headed to lakeside. These girls have got way too little camera time so that needed to be fixed.

First Cosette, my sweet little deer-eyed mori girl who loves wandering in nature and carrying flowers with her. Such an innocent soul she is. (Minifee Chloe eye-mod)

Also I took along Sinead, fairy nymph girl with beautiful shimmer. She is not shy at all, and feeling comfortable with touch of summer wind on her skin. (Magic Mirror Studio Sinead in tropical tan colour)

And last but not least, some pics of Elea, my melancholy beauty who seems always be a bit upset. (Custom Blythe by Xanamaneca / Sandra Efigenio)

Lovely, relaxing night with my sister and sweet dolls! I enjoyed swimming too. First time this summer I actually stayed in water and not just dipping in and out. :) Both air and water temperature was 19*c - not warm or cold. Looking forward the lake getting warmer, though. I love to swim.

tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2016

Strawberry field

I´ve been making a lot of cute wigs for custom orders and also to Etsy - and strawberry hats! First one went for my friends´ baby girl, but then I continued in doll sizes! :) It is a common thing to make these hats, with quite simple style, but I´ve used my own pattern for these. I think they are so cute and together they make such a field of strawberries! Little Ruruko is my personal favourite. <3

Above are Menni (Littlefee Ante), Rilla (Kaye Wiggs Raillie) and Martta (MeadowDolls Tella).

And just look at this cutie below! Rurukos are getting more and more space in my heart. <3 Also there are Kerttu (custom Blythe by Buganville) and Vuokko (MeadowDolls Elleki). My poor Pullips still haven´t names, but Dal´s name is Milma.

I have no idea how to manage to get the photos well. I always settle them nicely, and when I look the ready page, they have jumped all over... But well. Maybe it works just fine with today´s playful feeling. :D